Welcome to All Hallows Parish, Five Dock

Dear parishioners and friends,

Due to the lockdown currently in effect, there will be no masses at All Hallows Church until at least the 28th August, 2021. Funerals may proceed with restricted numbers.

While churches are closed as part of the effort to contain Covid, livestreaming of masses can occur and you can find more information on Livestreamed Masses on the Archdiocese of Sydney website here.

Please continue to check this website for information about any permitted gatherings in our parish church, including Mass, other liturgies, other celebrations and private worship.

Zoom Rosary

On Tuesday, 3 August, at 10am we will be holding a zoom Rosary. If you would like to participate, please contact the parish office. We can move to holding zoom Rosaries more often. Also, some might be interested in joining brief, prayerful reflections of the Sunday Gospel. Again, please contact us at the parish office if you would like to be involved.

Please continue to think of those who may be truly isolated.
Keep in touch with them through phone, text messages or emails. Do you have a neighbour or friend who lives alone? Please call them and check if they are ok. Your call might be what gets them through the day.