Welcome to All Hallows Parish, Five Dock

Dear parishioners and friends,
Under NSW Government restrictions, “The number of people in a public place of worship must not exceed one person per 2 square metres ” and safe social distancing must be maintained.

Masses will continue to proceed on weekends and weekdays under the following guidelines :

  1. If you are unwell or display any flu symptoms please stay home.
  2. Parishioners in high risk categories should reconsider the need to attend.
  3. Attendance is on a ‘first come come served basis’.
  4. All people attending are required to record their name & contact details to allow contact tracing if an infection arises. A QR Code is now available for electronic check-in. If you do not have a smart-phone for e-check-in, a paper sheet is provided, please add your name & contact details to the list. (This is a Govt requirement.) Parishioners are also asked to download the Govt Covid Safety App.
  5. At each attendance, you must sanitise your hands.
  6. Please do not socialise before or after Mass, either inside or outside the Church.

Parishioners are also requested not to touch the statues and photos inside or outside the church, as this is a potential source of virus spread.

Please continue to check this website for information about any permitted gatherings in our parish church, including Mass, other liturgies, other celebrations and private worship.

Mass times: 



5:30pm (Vigil)



10.00am       (Children’s Liturgy – except during School holidays)

5.00pm         (Youth Mass)


Weekday Masses

Monday                     8.00am        

Tuesday                     8.00am        

Wednesday                8.00am

Thursday                   8.00am        

Friday                        8.00am

Rosary is prayed after each weekday mass.

All welcome to attend.

Reconciliation:   Before or after mass / anytime by appointment.