Worship Words

Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary Lauds Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Thierry.S LiveStream 0401706861 on Vimeo. Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary As chanted by our young adults and families. Feast of the translation of the relics of St Benedict The Sanctus and Elevations Homily Series: Eucharist A series […]

Our COVID-Safe Plan

Attending Mass during the current restrictions The church will be open 30 minutes before Mass, please enter via the front doors of the church, sign-in and sanitise your hands as you arrive. Please endeavour to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the commencement of Mass, so as not to disrupt the Mass or those[…..]

Our Plan to Reopen

Updated Restrictions: Until further notice All Hallows will be able to hold 100 people at any given Mass, according to the 4m2 rule. Please ensure that you wear a facemask. Please use hand-sanitiser upon arrival and sit only on seats with a number, so that the amount of cleaning required is limited. Unless otherwise stipulated[…..]

La Santa messa in Italiano: Sabato 18 Aprile alle 8!

Per tutti i nostri parrocchiani, la Santa Messa sarà in Italiano questo Sabato alle 8 della mattina. Durante le feste di Pasqua era impossibile fare la Messa in Italiano per voi. Pero’, Sabato questo, avremo la messa in Italiano. Sara’ pure registrata per quelli che la vogliono rivedere più tardi. Un caro e affettuoso saluto.[…..]

Photo Blog

Sunday 26th April, 3rd Sunday of Easter ANZAC Day Divine Mercy Sunday / Quasimodo Sunday Easter Sunday Easter Vigil Good Friday Holy Thursday Spy Wednesday Consecration of our Parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Good Friday Sermon

Welcome to all our dear parishioners who are joining us online. We are streaming to both Facebook and the website at the moment. I hope they are both working well for you all. I am going back to reading today, as I think it does provide better audio. Although, I may alternate from time to[…..]

Answers to Some Common Questions About the Cardinal Pell Case

Introduction After the High Court’s (HCA) decision in the appeal of Cardinal Pell, I wanted to write a few lines that might help all our dear parishioners navigate some of the complexities that have been highlighted in recent media coverage. I know that the mainstream secular press has not always been the most reliable in[…..]

Palm Sunday: A Reflection From Deacon Conti

The year 2020, unlike perfect eye vision, has brought along an unseen and debilitating disease of the 21st century. It has not the trials of a war, but affects a deadly consequence. It has traversed the planet like a wind and latched onto human beings like never before. However, with the help of technology, good[…..]

Saturday April 4

We celebrated Holy Mass this morning at 8am for the intentions of all our parishioners. Last night we also prayed the Seven Penitential Psalms. An ancient practice asking the Lord God to hear the prayers of His people and to forgive them of their sins. The Psalms are an insight into the Heart of God.[…..]