As you know, the present situation is a challenge for all of us. I am praying that you and all your loved ones are safe and healthy at this time.

In order to comply with recent changes to our laws, we have had to make the following changes to this year’s sacramental program. Please know that these changes are based on the best information that we have available. Given the likelihood of further changes to laws, they may be subject to changes. We will endeavour to keep you informed.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Reconciliation is postponed until further notice. Once the crisis is over and restrictions are lifted, we will advise families that have completed the Reconciliation preparation program what the new date for Reconciliation is.

Holy Communion
First Holy Communion is postponed until November. Our hope is that the crisis will be over, please God, by the spring months, which may allow us the opportunity to have First Communion celebrated at that time. This of course is our hope and is subject to many events that again are beyond our control. We will keep you informed as to whether this is even possible.

Sacrament of Confirmation
Confirmation is suspended. As you know, Confirmation was due to be held May 31 this year. Laws on public gatherings forbid more than one hundred (100) people at an indoor gathering. As the parish relies on the presence of a bishop to celebrate the sacrament, we are unable to say whether there will be any opportunity for Confirmation this year. It is our understanding at present that it will not be possible. Please understand we are very dependent on forces beyond our control.

Please contact the Parish office on 9713-7960 or email with any enquiries.