Holy Communion update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The COVID pandemic is affecting our lives in many ways, and our parish sacramental program is one. We were due to have our parent information evening for first Holy Communion on Thursday, 16 September with the preparation sessions to follow and the First Holy Communion Masses in early November. I have spoken with the sacramental team and we all think it wise to delay the program. By delaying, we are hoping to give the best chance possible for the Masses to be celebrated as well as possible.

So we are proposing that First Holy Communion Masses be held on Saturday and Sunday, 4th/5th December. The parent information evening will be on Thursday, 4th November at 7pm. There will then be four weeks, allowing for four preparation sessions, leading up to the First Holy Communion Masses. At this stage, I imagine we will need to have four Masses: two on the Saturday and two on the Sunday, probably at 12pm and 2.30pm. This is assuming the need for 4sqm spacing.

We are currently holding preparation sessions for Confirmation by zoom. This is not a great way to do it and hopefully we will be able to prepare face to face by November. However, we will need to be flexible. Of course, there may be restrictions on the number we are allowed to have for each of the First Holy Communion Masses.

The sacramental team is committed to going ahead this year and have a program which is informative and enjoyable and Masses which are sacred and joyful. Of course, we will all need to remain flexible, faithful and generous.

We cannot be certain how things will pan out. However, we can certainly remain calm and hopeful. All things, including pandemics, occur within the loving Providence of God. So, let’s hand the program over to the Lord. It is sacred to Him, as are the children who will receive Him in Holy Communion for the first time. We need only trust and be supportive of each other.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at the presbytery.

God bless,

Fr Danny


Children in Year 3 are invited to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion at All Hallows’ Parish.

There will be an initial meeting on Thursday, 4th November at 7pm in the Church to give parents/carers information about the program. This is followed by 4 weeks of preparation, concluding with the candidate having their First Holy Communion on the weekend of the 4th and 5th December.

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion dates for 2021 are:

Thursday, 4th November at 7pm– Parent Information meeting at 7pm in the Church.  A $30 resource fee is payable at this meeting.

Week starting 8th November – Preparation starts and continues over 4 weeks. Sessions should last approximately 1 hour each.

4th DecemberFirst Holy Communion masses at 12pm and 2:30pm. 

5th December – First Holy Communion masses at 12pm and 2:30pm. 

* Please note that dates are subject to change due to any COVID 19 restrictions or lockdowns which may be in effect.