Lenten Group Meetings

Enrolment for Lenten Group meeting

Last year, a number of parishioners participated in the Enrichment Series Program in or parish over 14 fortnightly sessions; feedback from those who attended indicates that the sessions were interesting and rewarding, by fulfilling a need for a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of our faith, learning the value of prayer and the need for silence at times in our busy lives. New friendships were also formed as a result of hospitality offered at each meeting.

As the season of Lent approaches, we are reminded us to turn away from our worldly distractions and journey home to God. During Lent at All Hallows’, groups of parishioners will gather to reflect on the Sunday Readings and to consider the reflections by a number of spiritual authors.

In the Gathering Space there are sheets with dates, times and locations of Lenten Meetings. To select the Group Meeting with the time that suits you best, please add your name and contact details. A book for the program will be provided for a small cost.