Attending Mass during the current restrictions

The church will be open 30 minutes before Mass, please meet outside at the Eastern doors of the church and sign-in as you arrive.

Please endeavour to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the commencement of Mass, so as not to disrupt the Mass or those praying before Mass. Once the maximum number of people has been reached, the doors will be closed, so please arrive early.

Please sit only on a spot with a number to ensure physical distancing is maintained (families are allowed to sit together).

Fr Rynne has provided this video below to explain the current procedure for sitting in the church and for the safe reception of communion.

In order to ensure the church is COVID-safe for all parishioners, the pews will be sanitised before after each Mass. Please do not leave behind any material on the seats.

** If you have any cold, cough or flu-like respiratory symptoms, please do not attend any of these services. **

Mass Times


  • 8:30am (Low Mass – Ordinary Form)
  • 10:00am (Ordinary Form)
  • 12:00pm Midday (Extraordinary Form)
  • 6:00pm (Ordinary Form)

Monday – Friday:

  • 8:00am (Ordinary Form)


  • 8:00am (Ordinary Form)
  • 5:30pm Vigil (Ordinary Form)

Sacrament of Confession

For any parishioner wishing to make his or her confession, we will be offering the sacrament from 11.10am – 12.10pm every Sunday.