Our Plan to Reopen

Easing of Restrictions – what we’re doing

Dear Parishioners

We have now some very good news indeed. With numbers being lifted to fifty (50), it is now time for us to return to what is as close to normal as is possible, within the confines of the regulations as they now stand.

Fr Nicholas, Deacon Conti and I have spoken about when and how we would try and rebuild things in the parish. We have, in the best interests of our parishioners and for their care and concern, planned to do the following:

  1. From Sunday June 7, we will resume the regular Sunday Mass schedule. This means Mass times return to 5.30, 8.30, 10 and 6pm. We will be allowing a maximum of fifty (50) people per SUNDAYMASS.
  2. You will have to let the parish know at what Mass you will be attending. We need to ensure that we do not exceed the maximum number. We may have to direct you to another Mass time should the time you request be full. Please phone the parish office Tuesday-Thursday 8.30am – 3.30pm.
  3. We will be ceasing the live streaming of Masses as this tends to interfere with the participation of the people at Mass. During the shutdown, we brought everything closer to the cameras in order to ensure the best stream. All this will now cease with the end of the streaming.
  4. We know that many parishioners are still concerned about going out in public. For that reason, we will still be limiting Masses from Monday- Friday to family groups of ten (10). This seems to be working well. We will maintain the 8am Mass time as people who work and parents with children can still get to work and school.
  5. The Saturday morning Mass will be at 8am. However, the number will be raised to twenty (20). It is a popular day and we will try and balance the desires of those wishing to keep small groups and those wishing to come to Mass. 
  6. Mass will still be under certain regulations and conditions so as to minimise contact between parishioners. We will make sure that we follow the procedures and protocols that are in place. 
  7. These regulations include cleaning, a limit to the number of people who can serve Mass and no choir for the moment. For now, until we have further indications, we will be keeping contact to a minimum until we have the all-clear. This means that we will have to close certain pews so that 50 fifty people fit into the church and be spread across the church adequately.
  8. We will also have to make small changes to communion lines so that people can receive communion without breaking the distance requirements. 
  9. We will explain any practical changes during the first Masses. Please follow our indications so that all social distancing requirements are followed. We will do our best to explain them to you.

In the Spirit of the Risen Jesus we look forward to welcoming you back.

Fr Matthew, Fr Nicholas and Deacon Conti